Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puke, puke, puke!

I am gonna hurl and it's not anything thing to do with "symptoms", I still don't really have any of those! This has to do with Tori Spelling on conceiving her 2nd child. See below...

-Spelling reveals to OK! that little Stella was an accident, but unlike Jamie Lynn, hers was a happy accident.
"I was on one pill and wasn't feeling well, so I went off of it," says Tori. "Two days later, the doctor put me on another, and on that one day, we conceived. It was meant to be!"
And, as for having other children, Spelling says yes.
"We like making babies," Tori tells the mag. "Gosh, I always said I'd be happy having one of each, and I still maintain that. But I wouldn't mind having three." -

Now don't you wanna hurl too? You know you do.


Tina said...

Ugh. I love how it happens just like that for some people.

Off to hurl now.

Hollie said...

Congrats on your BFP! I have one question for you, since I'll be starting my 2nd IVF cycle in July... Did you FEEL like you were going to start your period before you got the BFP? For my 1st cycle (was ++, but was chemical pg- 2nd beta BFN), I was so depressed b/c I felt like I would start any minute. Little did I know, I really had implantation going on in there. Did you feel the same way- crampy, heavy feeling? Do you have that now??? I want to know if the "symptoms" are the same, whether it's a BFN or BFP, so I won't get too discouraged if I feel that way for this next cycle! Good luck to you- I'll be checking back!

Heather said...

Yeah, I read that too. I wanted to hurl too.

Lisa said...

Hi Hollie,

I did feel all crampy between the first and second beta. I had read that was not unusual and the ART nurse at the RE told me not to worry because that was normal. That's the only thing that kept me from stressing over it. The feeling seems to have passed now, but definately for that first 4 or 5 days. Hope this helps!

Alison said...

Yah, I had to describe from People for this same kind of irritating crap. Is this the only interesting thing out there to report? (insert vomit here)