Thursday, February 28, 2008

To my OB/GYN...

Please OB/GYN, could you puuulleeeeze have ONE magazine in your waiting room NOT devoted to pregnancy and/or parenting? I am serious here, there was not one single thing I could read to distract myself from the fact that I was the only non-pg person in the flipping room. But, I had to have the updated pap in order to do IVF. At least that's one thing off the list!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Yikes! Co-workers at the RE!

For the second time in the last couple of months I ran into a co-worker at my RE's office. How awkward that was. The first of them was there with her husband, saw me, sat across the room and pretended not to see me. I am sure she did but didn't know what to say. Now there seems to be some kind of code where neither of us mentions it. Fortunately, I don't see her all that often (I work in a big place and used to have more contact with her than I do now).

The other one spotted me the last time I was there. Last Friday, when I went to have a consult with the doctor about IVF. She had the opposite reaction. She felt compelled to sit next to me and get all giddy that she was there for a "test". I am sure it was a beta and with the way things seem to go around here I am sure it was freaking positive. I couldn't help but think she must be very green about this whole thing... new to IF I mean. I got more cynical than that YEARS ago.

Anyway, co-worker #2 happens to work much more closely with me. Same basic job, different department. So, avoiding her is not an option. In fact, we are both supposed to attend a luncheon next Friday. On one hand I am concerned about her telling people she saw me there. It's not exactly something I wish to share in the work place. However, I guess that would mean admitting SHE was there. So, maybe she won't. On the other hand I am wondering how the hell I should act around her. Do I have to ask about the "test"? Can I just ignore that it ever even happend? ARGH. Happy Friday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The G.D. PG wedding

I thought this deserved it's very own post. I was in my own special kind of hell yesterday. I had to attend a wedding in which the bride was 6-7 months pregnant. I had been dreading this event and the day finally came. This was a former co-worker who apparently knew she was pg before she left but had not announced it yet. I received a wedding invitation months and months ago but just got the big news via an email she sent out a few weeks ago. I guess she didn't want people to be shocked when she turned up very pregnant at her wedding. DH doesn't understand why I let what "goes on with other people" effect me so much. I have tried to explain to him that it is a (seemingly) constant reminder of what I don't have, what I may NEVER have. And these people seem to come by it so easily and are so ignorant that IF even exists. So, we had the knocked up bride, another very pg guest who I severely dislike (even if she wasn't pg). And another guest with her 2 month old who I have been avoiding ever since I learned she was expecting. Nice, huh? And of course, especially since we have been married so long, we were asked how many kids we have. I am so glad it's over. Now I just have to endure the wait to start this IVF thing!

Updates galore

Well, I sure have neglected this blog for... wow... almost a month. I truly wish I had a big announcement to make but I am afraid not. Managed to come back to town in the MIDDLE of the conference last month for my IUI which turned out to be a bust a grand total of 8 days post IUI. That really freaked me out because that is the exact same thing that happened on my last injectable IUI, to the day. The doctor can't explain it really except to say that it "does concern her a bit" so we will add cri.none to the party when we do, drumroll please...IVF. Yep, it's on to the big guns. This really freaks me out on one level but on another I am at least happy to move on to something that has a really good chance of working. So, now I wait some more. I have to re-do my testing to have results within the last six months during late Feb./early March and will hopefully start the bcp for IVF in April.