Monday, February 18, 2008

Updates galore

Well, I sure have neglected this blog for... wow... almost a month. I truly wish I had a big announcement to make but I am afraid not. Managed to come back to town in the MIDDLE of the conference last month for my IUI which turned out to be a bust a grand total of 8 days post IUI. That really freaked me out because that is the exact same thing that happened on my last injectable IUI, to the day. The doctor can't explain it really except to say that it "does concern her a bit" so we will add cri.none to the party when we do, drumroll please...IVF. Yep, it's on to the big guns. This really freaks me out on one level but on another I am at least happy to move on to something that has a really good chance of working. So, now I wait some more. I have to re-do my testing to have results within the last six months during late Feb./early March and will hopefully start the bcp for IVF in April.

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