Friday, February 22, 2008

Yikes! Co-workers at the RE!

For the second time in the last couple of months I ran into a co-worker at my RE's office. How awkward that was. The first of them was there with her husband, saw me, sat across the room and pretended not to see me. I am sure she did but didn't know what to say. Now there seems to be some kind of code where neither of us mentions it. Fortunately, I don't see her all that often (I work in a big place and used to have more contact with her than I do now).

The other one spotted me the last time I was there. Last Friday, when I went to have a consult with the doctor about IVF. She had the opposite reaction. She felt compelled to sit next to me and get all giddy that she was there for a "test". I am sure it was a beta and with the way things seem to go around here I am sure it was freaking positive. I couldn't help but think she must be very green about this whole thing... new to IF I mean. I got more cynical than that YEARS ago.

Anyway, co-worker #2 happens to work much more closely with me. Same basic job, different department. So, avoiding her is not an option. In fact, we are both supposed to attend a luncheon next Friday. On one hand I am concerned about her telling people she saw me there. It's not exactly something I wish to share in the work place. However, I guess that would mean admitting SHE was there. So, maybe she won't. On the other hand I am wondering how the hell I should act around her. Do I have to ask about the "test"? Can I just ignore that it ever even happend? ARGH. Happy Friday.

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Smiling said...

How tricky... at our clinic you have to sign a form about confidentiality regarding who you see in the waiting room, bascially that you will tell no one of who you see there or 'out' anyone.

Hope the co-worker doesn't do anything you don't want her to... do you need to casually mention to her 1;1 that you want to keep this side of your life private/separate from work and appreciate if she didn't mention anything.