Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here I am! The return of the world's worst blogger!

Yoohoo! Anyone still out there? I am quite possibly the world's worst blogger ever. More than TWO WHOLE MONTHS and no posts, no updates, no nuthin. I would, in fact, be shocked if anyone still checks in here. Things have been so crazy at work, which is where I normally get a chance to blog, that I haven't had much time to do anything but actual work! No fun at all!

I am happy to report that all is well on the pg front. We learned a couple of weeks ago that we are having a girl. We have been so excited and shopping waaaaay too much. I am feeling really good and finally starting to show. People were starting to freak me out with the comments about how I wasn't even showing yet. I was so reluctant to let it sink in that this is real, and that was not helping much.

I am trying to let people in and enjoy this a little more. It is becoming easier and easier but I still have the guarded optimism thing going on much of the time. Anyway, I will really try to update more often now that things have slowed down a little. If there is anyone still out there thanks for checking in!!!