Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ready, set, wait!

We had the transfer today and wound up putting back one early blast, grade AA as well as one that was juuuust on the verge of becoming a blast but too early to be graded as such. We had chosen to do elective single embryo transfer because of concerns about multiples (due to my high blood pressure) but they would only do that if there were two that were "perfect". The one they could grade was called "perfect" but the other they just could not tell yet.

They are watching the few that are remaining to see if we have anything suitable for freezing. They will call tomorrow and let me know. The ART nurse had me thinking it looked pretty favorable that we would be freezing but today the RE (who is pretty no nonsense, which I like) said it would not be unusual to have nothing to freeze given that we only got a total of ten eggs. So, I guess we shall find out tomorrow.

Anyway, two it is. Now the painful wait begins. I have moments of thinking this just HAS to work- I mean how could it not- to moments of feeling very pessimistic about the whole thing. I guess all there is to do is wait and see. I have a blood test on Tuesday to make sure my progesterone looks good and then the big one- beta- on Tuesday the 17th. At least with the 5 day transfer I only have to wait 12 days instead of a WHOLE two weeks. Of course I can almost promise I will poas a couple of days before beta!

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