Friday, June 13, 2008

My Mother, the Psycho Woman

I have been meaning to post about this but just haven't had a chance. Since it is quiet here at work today I suppose I can take a little detour from actual work to do so. I had a rather odd conversation with my Mother the very day of my transfer. The poor woman is so deluded she actually asked me who I was going to "tell" and when. You know, because this IVF stuff is so freaking guaranteed and everything. I attempted to explain to her that we really only have about a 50-60% chance of this crap working, at BEST, so I thought the conversation was a little premature.

Yet she persisted. I finally explained that IF it DID actually work it would be a number of months before I would tell ANYONE, other than her, the BFF and DH. She was astonished that I would keep such a thing quiet for so long. WHAT THE F*CK??? She KNOWS I have been through a m/c, where I had already told everyone and their mothers and had to then take it back. She knows I have waited THREE LONG YEARS to get this far since that point. Why in the ever loving universe would I tell ANYONE I didn't deem to be on a "need to know" basis before I was "clear" from the danger zone??? This is coming from a woman who has also been through a m/c or two herself!

She is completely, certifiably insane. Most agregious it seemed, was that I did not intend to tell my brother either until I was pretty sure things were going ok. How is that any of her business? And why was this argument necessary over an extremely hypothetical pregnancy??? The inappropriateness of the entire line of questioning was just a bit too much!

It reminded me of when she "just adopt"-ed me a few months back. She cannot accept that no matter how much money you throw at this, nothing, not a DAMN thing, is guaranteed. And talking about it like a bunch of naive ingrates doesn't change a thing.

Ok, done ranting now- let's hope this is something I actually have to give some consideration to in the near future. Happy weekend all!


Alison said...

It's horrible to find out that your mother is one of those bumbling fertile idiots. My mom, love her dearly, is the same way. When I told her that Husband and me could not have kids she gave me the whole adoption spiel. I thought she'd be upset with me! Nope, rattled about adoption and relaxing. Some people just never get it, I hope that is not the case with your mom. I hope someday she does get it.

Heather said...

Hang in there. My mother isn't that great either. And she's annoying me by reading my blog and leaving "holier than thou" comments when I write about contemplating life. It's really annoying me. Thank you for listening to this since I can't post it on my blog.

Lisa said...

Heather- oh Lord, I feel for you my dear. I am sooo glad nobody in my family knows about my blog. I should start saying fun things back to your Mom when she comments like that! ;-)

JUST KIDDING, I wouldn't do that!