Monday, June 23, 2008

Beta #3- and apology for all the gloat!

Beta # 3 this morning. It was great to realize that this just might be the LAST time I have to submit to Vampira at the RE's office. Just got the call with a number, it is up to 3,984. I'd say that's a pretty stong number, huh? Ultrasound is set for July 3rd at 2:00 p.m. At least that means I don't have to sit through the holiday weekend without a clue, but I do have to make it the week and a half between now and then!

At any rate, I want to apologize for the extreme amount of gloating that seems to be taking over this blog since the pee test! The post after post of extreme elation and "YAY, FLOWERS AND RAINBOWS AND BABY DUST!" is the kind of crap that would normally make my cynical, bitter, infertile ass quit reading someone's blog due to being grossed out over it all (not to mention the nasty green jealousy monster). I would generally click on the back button and only turn back in moments of morbid curiosity if I encountered such a tirade. Cause that's just how much of a biotch I am! Judge me if you must, at least I admit it.

That being said, I appreciate all your comments from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for coming back and saying nice things even if I am all "FLOWERS AND RAINBOWS AND BABY DUST!". You guys ROCK.


Heather said...

You gloat away, baby! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!

Alison said...

This is news you have been waiting on for along time. You gloat! I'll still read!! Besides, I'm dying to see your two little eggies in there!

Jen said...

You deserve a little gloat, girl! Congrats on a kick ass beta!!