Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One more step down

I took the last bcp this morning. Woohoo. This whole bcp experience has been weird. I have been spotting and feeling crampy for the last three damn weeks and now it’s time for a period??? What the hell man? Anyway, I am glad to be finished with that part of the process. I started the Lup.ron over the weekend and it hasn’t been too bad so far. Of course it helps that I am making the hubby administer all the shots. I am not even particularly afraid of starting the shots for stims since I have had injectible IUIs before. What I am kinda freaking out about is the intramuscular ones, ouch!

I guess I shouldn’t worry about that for now. One step at a time. First I have to get through the weekend. I, at this point in my IF journey, do not heart Mother’s Day at all. My own Mother being a bit off her rocker doesn’t help. But it’s mainly all the ads on TV, in the paper and everywhere else I look proclaiming that it’s time to honor Mothers. Reminding me that I am not on that list of people. Making me wonder if I’ll EVER be on that list. And making me pissed off at the people who got on that list without even trying. Or worse yet, without even wanting to.


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, I hear ya about M-day. My mom is terrific, but it's taking everything out of me not to say, "we're going to be out of town this weekend". I totally do NOT want to celebrate it- I WON'T go to church or any restaurants on Sunday- too much of a reminder that it's still just me and dh.
I hate to sound unappreciative of my life, but that's what 2 years of IF will do to a normally happy girl! We just had our BFN with IVF#1 :(
Take care and I'll be checking back soon! Good luck this weekend and in your journey...

Anonymous said...

i was just catching up with your blog--you are so funny- I TOTALLY know what you mean about pushy pple always asking, "why dont you guys have kids yet? Dont you WANT kids?" or "oh, your younger brother is going to have the first grandbaby for your parents! how do you feel about that? How ironic!" I really want to tell them exactly how I feel about that and everything else, but for some reason, I am INTENSELY personal about this whole IF thing. I haven't even told most of my friends. I think that they think we're just not ready. Of course, they've all just popped out their first kid- almost in unison. me and dh are like the only couple in our group of friends with no kids yet. it truly can make you feel isolated. I know EXACTLY what you mean. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh