Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I survived M-Day

I am happy to say I survived Mother's Day without any major emotional episodes. It helped that I picked a Greek restaurant that isn't normally open at lunch so there were almost no other people there. One of the usual chain places full of mothers with little kids all dressed up in their Sunday best probably would have been much harder.

I feel pretty f-ing riduculous that I even had to type that last paragraph, by the way. I NEVER thought there would be a time when I would be so pathetic! I actually chose a restaurant based on the expected number (or lack thereof) of families. Because I am that jealous of other people's happiness. There. I said it.

I wish I could be one of those kind, magnanimous infertiles who just love love love other people's children. But at this point, if I am being honest, and that is what this space is for- I DON'T. I don't want to hear about their God damned potty training or the latest adorable crap they did last night. I don't want to look at their pictures and I sure as shit don't want to fawn all over them. One more Mother's Day down.


Alison said...

Found you through Braces Bunch! I love this post. Such honesty! I think it is totally normal to avoid certain run-ins especially if you are not feeling up to par. If it makes you feel any better, I have the same "pathetic" thoughts. I too wish I could be a "good" infertile. :) Glad M.Day was better than you expected!

Jen said...

Hey, I am not one of those people, either. I don't like other people's kids...I'm hoping that I like my own if I have them!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I was laughing at your post and the honesty! I feel EXACTLY the same way, but i had to endure Mother's Day with my mother-in-law who chose a restaurant FULL of families from church. I even had the pleasure of running into a high school classmate and her 2 children. And OF COURSE there was like an hour wait. THEN for dinner we went to my parent's house where I had to spend time with my brother/sis-in-law who are pregnant. TRULY a torturous day for me. I was so ready to get home and sulk in the quietness of our house.
ONE DAY, it will be our turn... ;)