Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crisis Averted

As the title says, crisis has been averted! Apparently my clinic hoards more of these meds than they would reeeallly like ya to know. I did have to go back down there but they had the one vial of Menopur I am going to need for tonight. I am really burning up the road with $3.89 a gallon gasoline this week, I tell ya. My meds have been slightly reduced for tonight and this should be the last night before trigger.

The 8 follies I had ranged in size from 17 to a couple at a smallish 14. Hopefully tonight's additional meds will plump them up. I still don't feel like that's alot of them, but hey, I gotta work with what I got, right? E2 was up to 1,118 and here's the weird part, lining was 11.8. Maybe I am just a freak, ok scratch that... I know I am a freak, but does anyone else think it's weird that the numbers are 1,118 and 11.8? Maybe it's a sign, mwaahahahaha.

I was also told that my lining is ever so lovely and has a "triple layer" appearance which they like to see. Anyone know what that's supposed to mean? I shall have to consult Dr. Google on that one. Anyway, BACK to the clinic in the morning at SEVEN FIFTEEN. Yes, I am a big baby, whatcha gonna do about it? ;-)

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