Monday, July 7, 2008

THAT was graceful!

This morning I began to feel a little queasy in the car on the way to work. I thought, EH, it's nothing I can't handle. Just a little icky tummy. I figured I would get to work, eat something and feel bettter. I really felt no worse than I have from time to time for a week or so.

About the time I was walking from the parking garage to the building and was hit with some nasty gasoline fumes, I started to think maybe this was a LITTLE worse than usual. Then, it was the elevator that really did it. Must have been the motion or something. By the time I got my key in the lock of my office door I was literally LUNGING for the waste basket to puke my guts out right into the fresh new trash bag.

Luckily my co-worker I share the office with was out this morning. She is a nosy one and would have had something loud mouthed to say I am sure. Before she got in I managed to get past everyone to dispose of the nasty trash bag and freshen things up. Interestingly, once I had puked I was fine to eat breakfast, drink soda, whatever.

Now mind you, I have been secretly wishing for the vomits to come so I "know" things are going as they "should". I am starting to re-think that. I guess I need to eat before I leave the house and/or not take my prenatal vitamin on on empty stomach.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I mean other than drink ginger ale and eat crackers before you get out of bed. Something practical for someone who is not an early riser! :-)


Alison said...

Oh yuck. Puking is the suck. My friend had horrible sickness and for her, she had to eat every hour even if it was a nibble of something. As soon as she had an empty stomach she was done for.

Heather said...

Happy yet sorry you got the vomits. My piece of advice is if it seems to be only in the morning, to take your prenatal vitamin with your dinner in the evening.

Wishing you lots of luck with the next several months!