Wednesday, April 9, 2008

People who cannot take a hint piss me off

Yesterday I was asked, completely out of the blue, by a new co-worker with 2 small children if my husband and I just weren't "kid people"? I tried to end the conversation gracefully and get out of the situation but she just would not let up. She was down right f-ing pushy about it. I was pissed off to the point that I really really wanted her to be embarrassed for being such an ass, so I came out with it and said "It's not that we don't want kids, it's just that it isn't happening". That freaked her out but good. It was like she never even CONSIDERED that there might be something WRONG. I mean, people just have sex and BOOM they pop a kid out, right? I bet she will leave me the hell alone from now on, so maybe it was worth the awkward situation.

The significant thing about this is that nobody at work, apart from the ones I have seen at the RE, know a damn thing about our struggles with IF. They probably just think we are not "kid people" and have enough tact to keep their damn mouths shut (unlike the new girl). Now I wonder if she will be too embarrassed to say anything to anyone. Maybe it's just time to come out of the proverbial closet, so to speak.

Oh and speaking of co-workers, the one I was wondering about the other day- PG.

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