Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun with the pharmacy and other things...

I actually got some good financial news today! Some of the drugs for IVF will apparently be covered by insurance and thus be nothing more than a $15 co-pay! Whoopee! The lady who placed my order said that Lu*pron and some of the other drugs have more than one use, so they can slide them past the insurance company. That's awesome! Not that I didn't spend a crap load of money today, but at least SOMETHING was paid for.

On a slightly less positive note, the co-worker with the annoying kid questions- moving into my office. So I can "work with" her. I already share an office, but the person in with me now is more senior. Annoying one, as she shall be named from now on, has been here less than 90 days and my boss wants me to help "train and develop" her. I couldn't say no for 2 reasons: a) I don't want to explain why she irritates me; b) the request was preceeded by a speech from my boss about how great I was doing, how much I had grown, talk of future promotions, etc., etc. What kind of fool would say no after a speech like that??? So, I guess she's moving in.

Happy weekend!

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