Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here we go! Sorta.

Today I started the bcp to prep for IVF. Wow, it was pretty surreal to open a pack of those again. I never thought I would go there again. How strange it was to put the little day lable on the package and such.

On the up side, my mother, who is generally a very hard person to deal with, called today to say she is sending me a check for $9,000 to cover most of what I have to pay on Monday (at my consent signing appointment). I realize I am very lucky she is paying for it and I am trying to not get pissed at her for being "insane" since she is paying for this IVF attempt. I just have to keep reminding myself to be nice.

Along those same lines, she was appalled that I did not want her there on the day of retrieval. When I pointed out to her that my husband might be weirded out about that, it was like she never even considered that. It's all about her! Sheesh. In addition to that, please see my post about how she acted at my saline sono appointment!

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