Friday, December 14, 2007

Just adopted....

I have officially been "just adopted" by... wait for it... my very own mother. I was calling to tell her that my first injectible IUI cycle failed and this is how she shows her support and compassion!?!? How can a person who has two biological children not freaking understand the desire to have your own children??? She also seems to think you can "just adopt" like, STAT. I explained to her that even if I was at a place where I was ready to entertain the idea (which I currently am not) that it takes YEARS to do such a thing. She responded to that concept with utter disbelief. Wow. She has been instructed that if the word adopt is ever brought up in conversation again, it will be brought up by me when, and if, I am ready. Until then she is to keep her suggestions to herself. Am I being too hard on her? Maybe I was just taking out my anger at the failed cycle on her?

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